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' T h r e s h o l d s '   -   W e s t e r l a n d   v a l l e y   c o u n t r y   p a r k

Working with Ginkgo Projects, Groundworks, Torbay Council and the local community, Stephanie redesigned entranceways into Westerland Valley Country Park.

Over the summer of 2020, she worked with around 30 families from the Great Parks area, to engage them in creative outdoor activities and encourage exploration of their local park. This engagement work inspired her design work for the permanent installations. See more about the 'Wild Art' project.

Stephanie focused on 2 areas and created 3 works, each prompting a different aspect of interaction with a threshold; moving through, resting upon, and stepping over. Each piece drew on inspiration from the surrounding rich habitats, and the history of the site as a disused reservoir. The pieces aim to draw attention to the push and pull between the manmade and the wild spaces. 

With thanks to Sam Bailey, Blacksmith, and Darin Clarke, Stonemason. 

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