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Steph is an interdisciplinary artist exploring our relationships to local landscapes and wider environmental issues. Her practice spans sculpture, site specific installation and participatory projects. 


An engagement with materials is central to her work; she is fascinated by materials and their intrinsic qualities, and how they are powerful conduits of meaning, carrying personal, political and ecological significance.


Her practice explores how working by hand with vernacular materials can allow intimate connections to form between the human body and the unique ecology and spirit of a place, deepening a sense of belonging and enabling a more embodied understanding.


She is research-led and works closely with scientists, researchers, sites and communities, allowing the collaborative process to shape the outcome of each project.

Steph is a member of Garden Folk, a collective of artists, growers, chefs and activists working with the land to create seasonal, celebratory events, rituals and performances. She is also a member of Studio Merakia socially engaged community arts group who help to build stronger communities by using creativity as a tool to connect, up-skill and empower.

C V 

A r t   P r a c t i c e  

Mapping Time - Earth Art Fellow #10 at Bristol University (current)

-  Permeate - Mawddach Residency, West Wales (Oct 2023)

Grain - in collaboration with Alex Goodman, Purple Patch (April 2023 - ongoing)

Speculative Futures - Artist in Residence - Institute for Sustainability, University of Bath (April - June 2023)

Symbiosis - Gingko Projects, Avon Wildlife Trust (live)

-  What are they trying to tell us? (on-going)

-  Petrae - Gingko Projects, Soho House (2021)

-  Thresholds - Gingko Projects, Groundworks UK, Torbay Council (2020-2021)

-  Copper Shingles - The One Off (2021)

-  Tideline - Fowey Hotel, Studio Jill (2020)

-  Insect Architecture - Return to Nature, Forward Arts (2019)

-  Let’s Talk About The Weather - AARK Residency, Finland (2018)

-  El Cosmico - Perfume Exhibition, Somerset House (2017)

-  Ruskin Square Lions - MUF Architects, Lola Lely (2016)

-  Wandering Rocks  (2016)

-  Bowls of Britain - The New Craftsmen (2014)

p a r t i c i p a t o r y 

Speculative Futures in collaboration with Charlotte Taylor - House of Annetta, London and Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol (ongoing)

-  Grey to Green - Torquay, Groundworks UK, ACE funded (summer 2022)

-  Eat, Meet and Make - with Studio Meraki, Funded by Quartet (spring 2022)

-  A Thousand Feathers - with Studio Meraki, The National Trust + Creativity Works (2021)

-  Thresholds - Gingko Projects, Groundworks UK, Torbay Council (2020-2021)

-  Year of Art - (with Studio Meraki) Hannah More Primary - ACE funded (2019-2021)

-  Barton Hill Jungle Mural - with Studio Meraki, Barton Hill Primary school (2019)

-  Barton Hill Art Warriors -  with Beck Prior, Festival of Making - ACE funded (2018)

-  Art Play Leaders - with Studio Meraki, In Bristol Studio - funded by ACE (2017)

Go Sketch - multiple primary schools in Bristol (2014-2018)​​

T R A I N I N G ,   R E S I D E N C I E S   +   P O S I T I O N S 

-  Associate Lecturer - Central Saint Martins (2017 - ongoing)

-  Garden Folk at Purple Patch Market Garden (2022 - ongoing)

-  Founding member and Chair of Studio Meraki (2016 - 2022)

-  Level 2 Counselling Skills Certificate (2022)

-  AARK Residency - Finland (2022 and 2018)

-  Hothouse Programme, The Crafts Council (2014)

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